There are more than 85 million mothers in the United States — and we all lack basic support.

Paid Family Leave

There is no federally protected paid family leave.


of mothers are back at work just two weeks after giving birth.


of mothers would have to use up our cash savings if we took just 8 weeks of unpaid maternity leave.

Affordable Childcare

Childcare is inaccesible and unaffordable.


of Americans live in a “childcare desert”.

$122 billion

is lost annually to our country’s economy because of this childcare crisis, through lost earnings, productivity, and revenue.

Maternal Health

Maternal mortality is a national emergency.


of mothers report moderate to high anxiety levels.


increase in maternal mortality between 2019 and 2021.

We’re underrepresented, underserved, and overwhelmed

And yet, we hold the spending and voting power in the U.S.


By 2028, women will own 75% of the discretionary spend, making them the world’s greatest influencers. (Source: Nielsen)


Approx. 70% of mothers participate in the American workforce. (77% of mothers with children 6-17; 61% of mothers with children under 1). (Source: Womens Bureau)


American women control over $11 trillion in assets —a number that is expected to nearly triple by 2030. (Source: McKinsey)


97% of registered women voters reported voting in the 2020 election. (Source: Center for American Women and Politics)

Who belongs in the Chamber of Mothers?

Any mothers in the U.S. who are fed up and fired up — and who won‘t wait for change.

Join the mothers speaking up and driving change on the state and local levels, as well as bringing our stories straight to D.C.

Chamber of Mothers is a nonpartisan 501(c)(3) uniting mothers as advocates to create a better America.

Let’s do this

Here’s how we’re going to keep fighting like mothers for what mothers need.

  • Empower American mothers with knowledge and resources

    By expanding and sharing our resources, we’re shifting the narrative about a mother’s role in America so both lawmakers and mothers know that mothers are a force to be feared and revered.

  • Build communities of connection and action

    We’re creating spaces for mothers everywhere to come together to speak up, make plans, and advocate for change on the state and local levels

  • Advocate by your side and on your behalf

    We’re convening semi-monthly to speak strength to power in bipartisan meetings with members of Congress and government agencies.

Chamber of Mothers is a critical force in the ongoing fight for policies that affect moms across the country.

— Emily Tisch Sussman

It all started with outrage

In November 2021, Congress cut Paid Family Leave from President Biden’s proposed Build Back Better legislation. That night, eight of us called and texted each other in outrage. Enough was enough.

Right then, while running companies, folding laundry, feeding newborns, and making dinner, we decided to assemble and advocate as a collective force to give voice to millions.

Now, with over 100,000 members, 15 active local chapters, and a waiting list of over 300 communities ready to start chapters, we’re changing policy and culture to create a nation where mothers (and by extension families, communities, and our nation) thrive.

But why “Chamber”?

With our name’s nod to chambers of commerce everywhere, we’re inspired by and modeled after some of the most impactful coalitions in the U.S.

38 million members have influenced national healthcare and social security policies.
American Association of Realtors
1.4 million members form one of the strongest PACs in the U.S.
U.S. Chamber of Commerce
300,000 members form the largest lobbying organization in America.

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