“Where’s my village?”

That village mothers have been promised? We’re gathering it by rallying support — in person and online — nationwide.

Our local chapter meetings are bold, safe spaces where mothers and advocates share experiences, information, resources, solutions, and devise concrete ways to take action together.

You’re invited to:

  • Talk about your experience of mothering in America
  • Connect with other mothers and change-makers
  • Learn strategies for communicating your needs and opinions
  • Advocate for change in a way that’s productive rather than divisive

Let’s just say…everyone cried at some point. When mothers come together, magic happens.

Don’t see your chapter here yet?

Keeping activism sustainable prevents burnout, and we simply cannot do this work if we’re burnt out. . . . Only you know what you can reasonably do in whatever season of motherhood you find yourself in. Sustainability transforms activism from an individualistic pursuit to a collective one. Doing this work with others makes the work more manageable and enjoyable.

Raena Boston, Chamber of Mothers co-founder

What you can expect

Expect to learn, share, and create connections with other mother advocates.

Our community norms

  1. Safety is number one. What is shared here stays here. What is learned here leaves here. We are committed to building a trusting and safe environment.
  2. Make space, take space. This means that we want attendees to feel safe sharing their opinions, even when everyone may not agree. We want everyone to feel safe to contribute.
  3. Assume good intent; ensure good impact. We start with the belief that we all want what is best for our children. Advice will be offered only when asked. We will share and/or challenge ideas with evidence, experience, and/or logic.