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The Chamber of Mothers is currently an all-volunteer effort, built and run while operating businesses, feeding babies, hitting deadlines, and doing the carework that fuels the U.S. economy.

The most helpful way you can donate? Become a monthly supporter and join the Matriarchy.

Here’s what we’ll do together with your support

  • Build a community of 100,000 members
  • Activate chapters in all 50 states, including chapters for Military mothers and Indigenous mothers
  • Complete 6 Congressional fly-ins to D.C. in 2024
  • Hire key staff positions such as an Executive Director and Director of Programs
  • Become the largest U.S. organization for the advancement of mothers’ rights
  • Build an AI-powered resource hub to empower mothers with knowledge about topics that affect our day-to-day lives

4 more ways to join in


    1% for the Planet Pledge Partner

    The Chamber of Mothers is proud to be an official Environmental Partner of the 1% for the Planet Pledge. We believe mothers’ rights are environmental rights, and that improved social, economic, health outcomes for mothers yield improved environmental outcomes for all.

    Are you partner material?

    Chamber of Mothers regularly collaborates with like-minded brands and companies on content campaigns, educational events, advisory services, and consulting opportunities. For our media kit, event calendar, packages, rates, and more, please contact us.