How to start a local chapter

Ready to bring the Chamber of Mothers to your motherland?

If you’d like to start a local chapter and activate the mothers where you live, get in touch.

What does a chapter leader look like?

Local Chapter Facilitators organize and hold a safe space for their community’s mothers to gather, connect, and organize for collective action under CoM’s three pillars: affordable childcare, maternal health, and paid leave.  

Logistically, this includes scheduling, securing a location and necessary technology for local chapter meetings between 4-12x per year (based on local need), communicating & coordinating details with Chamber of Mothers national team, managing guest & wait lists, making childcare arrangements for the meeting as appropriate, leading the meeting using Chamber of Mothers Local Chapter Guides, reporting meeting minutes to Chamber of Mothers national team, and submitting reimbursements. 

On a more abstract level, an ideal facilitator is someone who is both connected to their community, dedicated to community service, and capable of holding space for sometimes painful and difficult conversations. Facilitation skills are not required but highly recommended. All chapters will have at least two facilitators. This is a volunteer position, though each meeting will have a small budget to help accommodate expenses. Expected time allotment is 5-8 hours per month.

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