Working alongside other advocacy groups

When traditional advocacy groups need to reach an active and engaged community of mothers, they tap us.

Because we aren’t elected officials or focused on a single issue, we’re able to jump in and promote other groups’ work to build awareness for issues that matter.

Reaching and engaging the average mother

The Chamber of Mothers is uniquely equipped to:

  • Reflect the real experiences of mothers
  • Deliver the purest vision of what mothers want right now
  • Amplify policy to reach the general public
  • Speak with urgency to encourage public outcry and action
  • Connect women to advocacy initiatives

Let’s rally the mothers on your side

The Chamber of Mothers often visits D.C. to build relationships with current administration, regulatory bodies, current law and policymakers. 

Below is an ever-evolving list of groups we work with. Get in touch if you’d like to collaborate!

Jan. 2024: In anticipation of new paid family leave legislation being proposed in this election year, CoM partnered with Glamour, Bobbie for Change, Paid Leave for All, Moms First, and tennis superstar Naomi Osaka on a mega national campaign, Parents Push Harder, to rally thousands of Americans to sign a petition to demand Congress take action.

Dec. 2022: When U.S. Health and Human Services and CMS (the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid services) convened a high-level day-long roundtable event to implement the recommendations of the Biden-Harris Maternal Health Blueprint, Chamber of Mothers was asked to attend, participate, and represent the voice of real-life American moms in our communities all over the country. Trading stories and strategies with state and federal agencies and private sector healthcare companies, we connected dots to push further cooperation, shine a light on care gaps, and make sure that no mother’s experience goes unsupported by policies meant to help all.