The results of yesterday’s midterms were decidedly…ah, not as rough as they could have been? (Special thanks specifically to Gen Z and Black women whom exit polls are showing are the ones who saved us from election-deniers and TV personalities who think guacamole is crudité.)⁠

While the final tallies are still trickling in on the Congressional races, let’s take a sec to celebrate the wins that came in the form of those little trickily-worded paragraphs known as ballot measures.⁠

For a while now, we’ve known that Americans overwhelmingly approve of family-supporting legislation like paid leave, affordable childcare, and abortion rights even if the folks in office haven’t managed to get it together to legally protect those cultural norms yet (RIP BBB and Roe).⁠

Well, power to the Moms, because, in the meantime, we’ve got quite a few ballot measure wins to celebrate state by state. We’ve highlighted many of those victories, above, around kids’ education, childcare/family health, anti poverty, and abortion access. ⁠

And now we keep on fighting.⁠